Samsung Mobile are now renowned for their slider phone range, from the early days of the bulky D500 the market has watched whilst slimmer, smoother and more technically advanced models have been introduced.

The classic slide phone design has however never been lost with the trademark push up screen revealing the hidden keypad to keep it protected not only from the elements but from unwanted dialed calls.

The D-Series of Samsung phones expanded from the D500 to the D600 and a range of new colour variants were released including Red, Silver and Chrome, each offering a new form of personlisation to reflect individual colour preferences.

Next to join the series was the D800 with a different overall design including sharper corners and smaller body work, the pink version of this handset was the masterpiece, it was the first time Samsung had released a dedicated female orientated phone and they could not have picked a better model.

The D800's smaller overall dimensions meant that it was an ideal size for smaller handbags and pockets making the phone an essential friends to thousands of women whilst out and about.

Finally, came the groundbreaking D900, this new handset was set to wow the masses with a top of the range 3.13 megapixel camera with video playback and recording support squeezed into a handset that was only 12.9mm thick and just 85g in weight. This new model also offered expandable memory to deal with substantial volumes of pictures and video clips taken with the camera.

The D900 is still available today but it has now been upgraded and faces stiff competition from the brand new Samsung D900i which holds exactly the same thickness if not a little more weight, but there is good reason for this because the new D900i has even more features packed into its small framework.

Features include an MP3 Player and Stereo Bluetooth support which allows the user to directly upload music tracks and albums from a PC as well as download from the internet to the handset before being able to play the songs via Bluetooth wirelessly to a pair of stereo headphones or even a home entertainment unit that supports Bluetooth.
Other new developments include a TV out port meaning that pictures and video clips can be shown on a TV in crystal clarity instead of the handsets display screen.

The D900i is also a suitable device for a busy professional with email support users can connect via hotspots and mobile internet to their personal or business email account and download new messages whilst there is also support for Microsoft Word and Excel documents so email attachments can actually be opened on screen.

Another addition to the handset is an FM Radio which can tune into local and national stations to keep its users informed and up to date with news, sports and weather reports.

The Samsung D900i is part of the Ultra range of mobile phones all of which hold slimmer and lighter dimensions to the rest of the Samsung phone range.

The new Samsung D900i is a significant improvement on the original D900 and will find many users upgrading to take advantage of the new and enhanced feature package, it is available in four different coloured versions, Black, Silver, Red and Candy Pink.

Source by Susan Hargreaves