If you're considering the purchase of a new television, a Samsung DLP TV could very well be exactly what you're looking for.

It was just a short time ago that many people wouldn't consider a projection television, just because it was, well, projection. Those days are long gone and Samsung is creating some excellent DLP sets.

The Samsung DLP TV models being released are using the latest version of Texas Instrument's amazing DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology. This writer still owns an Hitachi rear projection set that utilized the first version of this incredible technology. Although a detailed explanation isn't the purpose of this article, the original DLP setup used a rotating color wheel, and this color wheel was the source of the much dreaded rainbow effect. The anomaly seemed to be more of a problem for the hardcore video enthusiasts however, some people barely noticed it. Personally, it was never a major problem on my older Hitachi, for me anyway.

Regardless, Samsung has eliminated even the chance of having the rainbow effect being a problem. The new Samsung DLP TV models have no color wheel. What else is great, unlike the past versions of DLP, there are also no more high-powered arc lamps to replace. Since the light source is now solid-state LEDs, you won't have to worry about spending the, potentially, several hundred dollars for the lamp replacement every few years. Also, since you're not powering the previous lamps, causing much wasted energy in the form of heat from the lamps, you can actually save money with the new Samsung LED TV models.

I really believe the elimination of the (rotating) color wheel, and the inclusion of the LEDs as the light source, would have been more than enough for this writer to upgrade, but there is more to the new Samsungs.

One other thing that stands out is the contrast ratios now being realized. In the past, most DLP sets had fairly poor contrast ratios, often measured in the hundreds:1. Now, the Samsung DLP TV models are measured in the hundreds of thousands, and even millionths to 1 contrast ratios.

Combined with much brighter images, a broader color gamut and excellent Internet integration, Samsung is creating some truly fabulous HDTVs.

If you're exposure to rear projection television was some time ago, don't discount a projection television until you're experienced the technological masterpieces that Samsung is releasing.

These aren't you parents rear projection television.

Source by Jeffrey Norris