Hands down they are the best fitting and most comfortable out of what Samsung, Panasonic & Sony have to offer. As for the experience – Simply amazing, highly recommended and this rechargeable version is hassle free and always ready to go. These glasses are pricey but are well worth it. They have a solid field of view, have a sturdy feel, don't weigh enough to cause discomfort, and don't rely on potentially pricey batteries that have to be replaced each month. Light and very comfortable; do not feel headache & tired after wearing it for 2 hours. Well made, they come with a cleaning felt, a carrying case, and a mini-usb to USB cord for charging. The frame sits a little bit off your face and slightly obstructs peripheral vision but, then again, you're only looking at your TV you'll also find these glasses are very stylish compared to the 2100AB's and these also have a full frame around the lenses, where the 2100s don't fully encircle the bottom of the lenses.

The (Samsung SSG-AR Rechargeable Adult 3D Glasses) lenses are bigger giving you a better sense perception of the 3D effect due to increased field of view. If you wear glasses full time normally, then when putting these 3D glasses over your regular glasses they will fit fine The only problem with them is that they tend to darken the movie experience because of the active shuttering effect, so you may want to crank up the brightness and maybe the color a bit. They even change back to regular when turned away from the TV, however you have to watch that you don't keep turning too often. Sunlight will also make them change. They ARE much better quality than the non-rechargeable versions that come with the kit.

All in all The (Samsung SSG-AR Rechargeable 3D Glasses) are a good deal, considering the comfort styling and never having to purchase those special small batteries for the non rechargeable ones. Now granted it would have been nice if they had included these with the TV,but that's another story.

Source by James T Brown