Looking for a HDTV that gives the value for your hard spent money?The Samsung UN32D6000 will satisfy this condition. Irrespective of whether you have recently renovated or purchased a home, this TV will impart style to your home. A 32 inch TV will certainly fit any given living room without making the room appear cramped up. The additional advantage is that the TV will also fit any given budget. If you are researching various options, you can try this TV and we will tell you it's three wonderful features that will indeed impress you.

The first impressive feature is the looks of this TV. It is sleek, stylish and classy.It will add grandeur to your living room and surely impress your guests. It has a narrow, one inch black classy acrylic trim. While some people may crib about it not supporting 3D, we feel 3D technology is not fully developed yet and has many flaws. The LED TV will take your movie and sport viewing experience to a whole new level. This TV indeed takes the home theatre experience to another level. And since it is a Samsung, you already know about the CMR or the clear motion rate.This CMR is the measure of the TV's picture quality of fast moving images. The UN32D6000 has a CMR of 240. In simpler terms this is an amazing rate. Apart from the impressive CMR, the TV has a dynamic contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1 and a Full HD resolution of 1080p.

The second best feature of the Samsung UN 32D6000 is the syncing feature made possible by the ALLSHARE DLNA. This allows you to enjoy all the internet features without hooking the TV to your computer. All you need is a router and with some technical guidance you can set this feature up. A simple Ethernet connection can also allow you to hook up the TV to the laptop so you can enjoy internet. Also there are 4 HDMI input ports and 3 USB ports that allow for multiple viewing options.

If all this is not enough, the Smart TV functionality of the Samsung UN32D6000 might really sell you on this TV; this allows you to connect to a host of Samsung apps on your HDTV. This way, you can easily search for movies and shows and also connect to your favorite digital content like videos, games and social sites like Facebook etc. Imagine accessing all your apps on the LED TV!

Let us summarize the features of the Samsung UN32D6000 TV. The TV is sleek, thin and visually amazing. This TV is environmental friendly and has lower energy bills. It has the Samsung's innovative ‘Touch of Color' that makes the style very attractive-this basically adds a hint of amber to black for a special glow. Your TV will impress even when it is off. The SMART TV helps you enjoy favorite apps. The ALLSHARE DLNA network allows you to access photos and more from your home internet network.


Source by Sean T. Hill