• It has a high definition LED picture quality.
  • Wide Color Enhancer Plus displays RBG spectrum brought to life bringing more vibrant but natural-looking images.
  • It has a Clear Motion Rate (CMR) amounting to sixty (60), thus, it presents sharp detailed action-packed movements without the distortion of images.
  • ConnectShare Movie allows watching movies and videos collected on a flash drive on the comforts of the Led TV by simply plugging the flash drive into the TV's USB ports.
  • Dolby Digital Plus/Dolby Pulse, an highly developed surround sound feature, optimizes the Led TV's sound from connected devices.
  • It has two HDMI ports and one USB port.


  • It provides fine viewing experience even from different angles. Other flat screens require straight-on viewing to assure quality. This, however, is not the same for this Samsung Led TV.
  • It is easy to set up and works well with different types of media connection and sources:
  • With SD Cable, it displays fine quality from a normal viewing distance.
  • No distortion is seen when it is used with HD Cable.
  • Picture is really nice when it is used with normal 720p Video file via the Media Player.
  • No distortion is also seen even when it is used with the fast motion 1080p Video file via the Media Player.
  • The picture and sound settings can be adjusted to the desired quality.
  • It presents a clean cut and looks steady with or without the stand.


  • The default settings are poor and needs adjustment to suit the quality the owner desires.
  • The sound must be supported by the included five (5) band Equalizer to achieve the desired quality if such is not pulled off by manual presets.
  • Backlight bleed and some white areas on the screen edge may also be a concern.

In general, this Led TV is still a good buy. It has the qualities one is looking for to enjoy watching namely, good picture quality, rich and natural colors and images that are still intact despite fast-phased scenes. Surely, it has setbacks like poor default settings and mediocre sound which may lead one to think twice before buying it. However, those setbacks are very minor compared to the viewing quality it has. Also, those setbacks can be easily remedied through manual adjustments, and if manual adjustments are not enough to fix them, one can still use the Equalizer included in the package. As for the backlight bleed, it is also not much of a worry since it can also be fixed easily. The white areas on the screen edge, on the other hand, are not really a problem. There are just a few of them and are not really noticeable particularly while watching. They do not affect the viewing experience.


Source by Dang Thao Le