LCD's are all the rage these days and with the arrival of LED TV's the LCD's have gotten cheap enough to be a viable purchase consideration. There are many companies to choose from when on the lookout for an LCD to replace the old TV at home, one of which is Sony. One of their LCD TV's i.e. the KDL-26EX302 is cost friendly (310 pounds) and for those with less space in their house, just perfect. It is 26″ (66cm) in size which also means that you will be able to watch Full HD movies or play Full HD games without a hitch. If you are one of those people that prefer hanging their TV on the wall instead of letting it stay on its table-top stand then it comes with the necessary equipment to make it a reality.

For those of you wondering about its audio capabilities then be at ease it has built-in speakers and if one wants to set up a surround sound system then the TV supports it all, be it Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital plus and 5.1 Channel Audio. It has support for PAL, NTSC 3.58/4.43 and Secam color systems for those of you wondering. It is also capable of displaying multiple resolutions and also supports 24p input for those HD movies that look just amazing on this LCD. Multiple resolutions mean that be it SD (Standard Definition) or HD (High Definition) this wont pose a problem to this LCD.

Now one of the most important parts of the LCD is the input and output connection ports and the KDL-26EX302 does not disappoint. It has 4 HDMI outputs with PC signal capability meaning if you want your PC hooked up to a high def 26″ display then look no further. It also has a standard PC input for those of you with low-end computers. It has both component and component inputs giving you options on what to do. It has a USB port as well for those looking for displaying their pictures and videos on the widescreen.

Other features include menus in 23 languages and the XMB first seen on the PS3, Power-saving, 14:9 modes, 4:3 mode and more. The power consumption of the LCD is very low only being beaten by the new LED and OLED TV's. So if you have 400 pounds burning a hole in your pocket then go out and buy this TV!

Source by Jimmy Shoe