Ideal for minimal aesthetic tastes, the Sony DAV-X1V is a Sony Home Theater for those who loath wire clutter, as well as a speaker system made of a large number of speakers which actually add clutter in a room. Designed to handle increased compression values in sound systems, the Sony DAV-X1V Sony Home Theater sports out a lifestyle-friendly design, within a compact home theater system.

This particular Sony home theater system is a 2.1 channel surround sound speaker set, made of one subwoofer and two satellite speakers, which are anchored to a main unit which houses the Sony home theater's disc player and audio/video receiver. High-gloss black side panels and aluminum skin give the Sony DAV-X1V's main unit an attractive look. It comes with an artistically curved front panel, with a minimal number of buttons, making the Sony home theater equipment an ideally user friendly home theater system.

Sizing 3.63 x 16.38 x 12.88 inches, the main unit is smaller than most audio/video receivers. The speakers which are just 3 inches by 7.25 inches wide are also smaller than most speakers. But this doesn't compromise the surround sound quality this Sony home theater boasts, as its performance degree rivals that of a 5.1 channel surround sound speaker system, using Sony's S-Forge Pro 2.1 digital sound signal processing.

The S-Forge Pro 2.1 system enables two speakers to synthesize a surround sound field, making it as effective as a 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 surround sound channel setup. The DAV-X1V Sony Home Theater system also boasts a 5 disc changer which could handle data type media. Jpegs, mp3 compressed audio as well as DivX encoded video files are fair game to the DAV-X1V Sony Home Theater System.

The DAV-X1V Sony Home Theater System comes with two cast metal table stands for its two speakers. An optional WS-FVX1 floor stand could be added to the package, for those who decide to put their speakers up rather than by the floor on any room.

One impressive thing about this Sony Home Theater system is its easy installation. Hooking it up is easy and fast, as the wiring system is put together into one three-pronged cable, running 9.8 feet to the subwoofer speaker, and 16.4 feet to each of its speakers. The plugs come with labels, making them easy to jack into their purposed plug. Easy installation indeed.

Sony's Digital Cinema Auto Calibration system is also integrated into the DAV-X1V Sony Home Theater System. The Digital Cinema Auto Calibration system automatically calibrates the balance levels of all the speakers' volumes. It also measures the speakers' respective distances, and compensates the sound directed towards the main viewing area.

All in all, the DAV-X1V Sony Home Theater boasts a versatile level of audio and video performance handling. As a home theater system, it's neat, compact but really loud, packing quite a performance rivaling more “advanced” home theater systems.

Source by Milos Pesic