The Sony Electronics company has for decades been renowned for producing a high quality array of home appliances, electronic, communication, video and home care equipment. It also manufactures a line of high-quality and technically superior television sets and home entertainment systems. Here's a balanced, no-nonsense review of the Sony KDL32EX401.

Designed To Blend In Any Living Room

The Sony KDL32EX401 features a stylish eternal finish, with a black and graphite cabinet which perfectly blends into any living room or space at home or the office. By perfectly blending into any living environment, the KDL32EX401 can make for an excellent main television in the living room, as well as an extra TV set mounted on the wall in the bedroom or kitchen. If you're looking for a high-quality flat-screen television set at an affordable price, then this one's definitely for you.

Watch Home Movies the Way the Director Wanted You To

With the Sony BRAVIA KDL32EX401, you can actually watch your favourite movies in the way the film's director or producers wanted you to. How does the TV do this? For starters, it makes use of the 24p True Cinema technology, where the films are slowed down to the speed that the film's director intended you to view them. Apart from offering the 24p True Cinema system, the TV set also is crammed with loads of picture-boosting features, such as 1080p resolution, which means that you actually see crisp pictures and real-life images, even if you're watching live sporting programs.

Connect the TV to Different Devices

You can also connect a wide variety of electronic products to the KDL32EX401, from PlayStation3 consoles to Blu-Ray disc players, thanks to 4 High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) inputs. The TV set's outlets and connections are truly designed to carry high-quality audio and video content. And because it's equipped with BRAVIA Sync, you can easily control the different devices with just the flick of your remote control.

Enjoy Watching Digital TV Programs and Movies with Freeview

The Sony KDL32EX401 is a 32-inch full-HD panel which not only delivers cinema-quality picture resolution, but also lets you enjoy viewing a wide array of digital television programs and movies, through Freeview. The Freeview Digital Tuner offers free service, allowing you to connect to over 50 free digital television channels. All you need is to use a standard aerial connection, to avail of the free service, because it doesn't rely on satellite dishes or fibre optic cables to deliver the programming, unlike other paid services such a Virgin or Sky.

Innovative Power-Saving Features

The Sony KD32EX401 also features eco-friendly and energy-saving ambient Light Sensor, which effectively detects ambient light in any room, and automatically adapts the picture's brightness and contrast accordingly. Apart from making viewing more comfortable, the TV set's light sensor also offers power-saving features, which reduce electricity consumption by as much as 30%. Other energy-saving features include Idle TV Standby, Power Saving and PC Power Management.

With enhanced picture quality, and armed with a host of truly useful connectivity tools, the new Sony KDL32EX401 32-inch full-HD LCD TV is the best in its class, and is truly affordable as well. This makes for an excellent home theatre experience, providing you with detailed pictures, life-like images, and vibrant colours.

Source by Alex Bradbury