People all over the world are raving about the Sony KDL37W5500. It has all the bells and whistles that your average consumer is looking for, but more than that it has the features that true techies are looking for as well. It is the ultimate entertainment experience.

With in the border of the rich piano black trim of the Sony KDL37W5500 is a wonderland of high definition digital technology. The options are endless allowing the perfect viewing experience whether it is for the big game or the newest action packed thriller. Simply in picture mode alone there are eight options which include vivid, standard, custom, cinema, photo, sports, game, and graphics. Auto picture setting with the appropriate HDMI set up can allow game, photo, and graphics from any device.

With dynamic contrast ratio of 50000:1 and viewing angle up to 178 degrees the TV makes sporting events come to life in your home living room. Not to mention Motionflow at 100Hz and Image blur reduction every winning touchdown pass or home run hit will be crystal clear. It gets even better, packed inside the 37 inch LCD screen is a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels with a digital comb filter that then can be divided into picture in picture and picture and picture. Reality is the Sony KDL37W5500 is perfect for any sports fanatic.

If sports are not your style no worries the TV can create the ultimate gaming experience as well. The USB media player the hook up can come from a computer or gaming device making options unlimited.

It gets even better, the Sony KDL37W5500 eco friendly. There are so many possibilities like, Power saving and picture off mode, Power saving mode has three options that include high, low, and off, plus 14:9 mode, 4:3 mode, Smart mode, Wide mode, and Zoom mode just to name a few. There is also clock capabilities including an on/off timer and sleep mode.

By now im sure you are thinking what more could I look for in a television but there is more. The Sony KDL37W550 0 has a phenomenal audio system. The digital amplifier creates elegantly clear sound through Dolby Digital surround sound. Not only that surround sound has four different mode options including cinema, music, sports, and game.

The model is the newest and most elite television of its time. So instead of settling for second best, treat your self to the stunning experience of the Sony KDL37W5500.

Source by Andrew Emerson