This review of the Sony KDL40EX703 looks at one of Sony's latest releases in televisions available in the UK. This LCD television offers LED edge lighting so that it is super thin. It is a wide screen format television that easily connects to the Freeview stations and by adding an adapter can connect to WiFi.

The LCD screen that has been used in the Sony KDL40EX703 television is far better than many of the first or second generation screens that were used in earlier models. This screen offers brilliant colors and sharp black and white contrast. The colors along with the contrast mix to offer viewers an excellent picture in a wide screen format that is perfect for viewing movies without losing any of the side screen action.

By using edge lit LEDs for the Sony KDL40EX703 television, Sony has created a very thin and light weight forty inch television. In addition, the Bravia III engine used in the set is able to turn off specific lights as needed to create a brilliant contrast, giving very dark blacks and sharp whites in the picture.

Sony has included several options for connectivity in this HDTV. There are two side HDMI ports and two located in the rear for a total of four. In addition, there is a USB2 port, a 15 pin PC in as well as PC audio, PCMCIA Card Slot, as well as all the standard television inputs that have been around for years.

By adding the optional USB WiFi adapter, you can connect directly to the internet with no cords. This option means that you can switch from your favorite television shows to U-tube videos with a press or the remote control.

The Sony Bravia engine has been used for Sony to provide motion control for their televisions for several years now. This Sony KDL40EX703 set uses the Bravia III engine that gives superior motion control to the picture. The engine interpolates pictures for a smooth, high definition picture on your new television.

Surround sound is included in the Sony KDL40EX703 television. It has several different modes and can be set for sports or symphony as well as many other settings in between. It offers a special voice setting to help keep dialogue clear in those sometimes difficult to hear dialogue scenes of movies. If you prefer, the set also offers a 5.1 channel audio output with a sound off feature for use with your own home theater system.

This television was designed for markets in the UK. It was first released for sale in March of 2010 and at that time offered some of Sony's newest features. The television is offered for the mid to higher end markets.

The Sony KDL40EX703 is one of Sony's newest televisions. It offers several features not found in older models of televisions, including WiFi connectivity. The television uses LED edge lighting to make it ultra thin and ultra light in weight. The set is a wide screen design. It currently sells for approximately 1200 pounds. Do review the Sony KDL40EX703 if you're in the market for a new TV.

Source by Andrew Emerson