A serviced apartment is the preferred choice for many business professionals and other travelers worldwide, as a comfortable home away from home. They are fully furnished, commonly equipped with such amenities as a refrigerator, stove, couch, bed, and even ironing boards and irons as well as televisions. Some additionally provide a small washing machine and dryer, so you can also do your own laundry with only a little laundry soap as your expense! The kitchen allows you the freedom and money-saving option of cooking for yourself, with some luxury serviced apartments also providing an automatic dishwasher to help you clean up faster afterwards. Some apartments may also be referred to as corporate housing, and are often intended for those who need to stay for thirty days or more.

The concept for an extended stay apartment alternative to a hotel room was created originally in the United States of America. The original companies that created them have now expanded worldwide, setting a new trend that is rapidly being adapted to cities across the globe.

Additional benefits of these apartments over hotel rooms include:

-Great value for the cost, especially by offering discounted rates on extended stays of a week or more.

-A serviced apartment can additionally save a group you may be traveling with more money by being able to accommodate more people into each room, due to their increased spacious size. It is not uncommon to be able to fit up to eight people in one serviced apartment comfortably.

-A serviced apartment complex is almost always located in a central business district or near a city center, since they cater to business travelers. These locations are ideal for accessing public transit systems to get around easily and quickly, and often provide great stores within walking distance. If you're on a tight budget, you can often walk to a nearby convenience store to get your beverages and snacks; when you come back you can then have the added convenience of storing your drinks in the refrigerator provided in your apartment.

-Another great feature of a serviced apartment that makes it better than a hotel room is that the increased size commonly allows for separate areas to work, sleep, and eat. This comfortable environment is much more conducive to getting work done out of the office.

-The added flexibility of an extended stay apartment means you are not tied down to a schedule like you would be in a standard hotel. For example, in hotels there are established times for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and not every hotel offers all of its dishes around the clock either. Many times if you happen to sleep in one morning, you can easily miss breakfast. At an extended stay apartment however, you can order take out and have your meals brought to you from any restaurant in the neighborhood straight to your door.

-Last but not least, let's not forget the added privacy of a serviced apartment. They are generally not built in 20 story buildings, but are more often less than 5 stories high and accommodating only a few hundred people. More privacy results in a typically quieter, more relaxing environment for you, to get the most out of your stay.

Source by Thomas M Johanson