Americans may be a bit obsessed with television, but we are drama, comedy and reality TV junkies and proud of it. With a choice of over 260 channels, satellite TV is the choice for those who love to live vicariously through our TVs.

While not every household spends an average of four hours per day in front of the television, the majority of us do. Our obsession to stay in touch with our favorite shows and characters means we need the best picture on the best television, and DVR would be nice too.

Major Cable TV providers have helped establish a long standing monopoly over how households have access to channels broadcast across the nation. Many lawsuits later and new federal laws put into effect, cable TV companies are terrified of losing customers to satellite TV.

Rightly, so, they should be worried; after all, the price of satellite TV for the features offered seems like a much better deal. The U.S. is now of the first countries to build an extensive satellite TV network in cyberspace. Another reason why more people are turning to satellite TV is that there are many more features for the price.

Satellite TV gives you access to just about every type of channel there is. From children's TV shows to sports packages, there is something for every member of the family.

Children's channels include Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Fox Kids. With a full package and access to over 260 channels, customers will have access to several dozen news channels including CNN, CNN Worldwide, Fox News, BBC and more.

Premium movie channels are also included in some packages – HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and Stars. Each network carries a minimum of 9 channels each, delivering over 30 channels showing the latest movies to classics. Along with movies, customers will also have access to popular original TV series like Six Feet Under, The L Word, Entourage and Queer as Folk.

For history buffs and nature enthusiasts, satellite TV delivers a comprehensive source of channels that is unrivaled by cable companies. Included in most satellite TV packages are Animal Planet, the Discovery Channel, Discovery Science, National Geographic, Animal Planet and the History Channel – just to name a few.

Of course, television shows is not the only thing satellite TV offers, packages also include satellite music stations that range from classical to big band to modern alternative rock. The inclusion of satellite music with your plan means that you do not have to subscribe to a separate satellite music plan to have quality sound in your home.

Source by Zach Roush