The first wrist watch videophone in the world, the LG-GD910, was unveiled by LG at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas during February 2009. The future has arrived. You should be able to buy it in Europe late in 2009. For you technical buffs, this wristwatch phone is made with a metal case and curved tempered glass face. It is very compact at just 13.9 mm deep. There is a built in camera to allow the video phone calls and its 7.2 Mbps 3G HSDPA compatibility facilitates the high speed data transmission. There is a full touch screen interface and includes a blue-tooth headset.

This mobile phone also features voice recognition and text to speech (TTS) to make life better for us. So that you can also listen to music on your travels there is also a built in MP3 player. Another big advantage is that you can't lose your cell phone so easily if its strapped on your wrist. Dick Tracy will be a name not known to most of you. He used to be a comic strip detective hero in the 1950s. He had a science fiction wrist watch which doubled up as a 2 way radio. They probably thought it could not happen then.

Well 50 years later, LG have done a lot better and designed the LG-GD910 that is a watch that is a phone as well. in addition, it can also show video. This makes it the first wrist watch videophone in the world and should be available at late in 2009. The middle part of the 20th century became an era for thinking about the future. We were getting over World War II and people were very optimistic about the future. The internet was just beginning. There were lots of thoughts like this being planned which were basically based in the technology introduced because of the war. We were on the brink of travelling to the moon, then to the planets and stars of galaxies far away.

We did get to the moon but didn't make it much further into space but lots of the other inventions that were considered to be science fiction at that time have made living a lot easier for this generation. This specially applies in the area of communications. LG have now moved technology a big leap but you still will not necessarily be able to solve crimes as well as Dick Tracy did.


Source by Trevor S Barrett