The latest handheld game from Nintendo is the Nintendo DSi which launched in April 2009, but can it stand up to the Sony PSP another handheld game that received its original beginning in 2004.

Sony PSP stands for Sony PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DSi stands for Digital System Individual.

In the graphics department, the PSP 3000 amazes the gamer with sharp colors and post-PS1 graphics. The Nintendo DSi stays true to its Nintendo roots and remains playful and cartoony which is great for Mario but not so good for pushing forward in the new generation of modern gaming.

In the controls department the Nintendo DSi is compact with no drastic button changes since the Nintendo DS Lite except for the dual touch-screens for upper limit stylus battles. While the Sony PSP 3000 has a built-in joystick and very useful shoulder buttons, the designer failed to add a second analog stick to the big space on the right side that could unlock and less gaming possibilities.

As far as the screens go, the Sony PSP 3000 as a larger, anti-glare screen which allows the gamer to play in daylight (the previous console kept a lot of people up at night because that was the best time to play) and also produces more colors therefore the image is more detailed and sharper in all types of light. For the Nintendo DSi, the screens are approximately 17% larger with both being touch interactive. The Nintendo DSi owner can also purchase a plug-in light for added visibility.

The DSi has a store with thousands of games one can download in addition to purchasing real game cartridges where is the Sony PSP 3000 has several big-name titles to their credit such as Rock Band and Assassins Creed; however the Nintendo DSi Mario, Indiana Jones, the Brain training series and Star Wars game franchises will always be the big winners.

In this latest incarnation of the Nintendo DS it has two cameras which is a nice bonus although it falls short with only 0.3 megapixels for the camera facing the gamer and VGA quality. The Sony PSP 3000 comes with a built-in microphone which you can use on Skype or record your own voice to music or have Internet music playing while you game. With the Sony PSP 3000 one could subscribe to Go!, and view TV and then purchase add-ons such as a Go! Cam camera or a Go! Explore GPS.

The Sony PSP is marketed to a more adult group, 20 to 35-year-olds or a more serious gamer or someone who wants a portable game system and to be able to watch television when they're not gaming. Whereas the Nintendo DSi might be thought of as more of a kid friendly portable game; nevertheless the Nintendo DSi has reached an older audience through their Brain training series of games for those adults concerned about their brain health. The Hello Kitty collection of accessories does not help the case for adults using the Nintendo DSi.

Overall both consoles appear to have something for everyone and it will come down to things like how attractive one is over another one and how it feels in your hand for hours at a time. Plus, over the long term the ability to ‘easily' download new games direct to the console will also have a big impact on the sales of both the DSI and PSP.

Source by Paul Hockney