Samsung has always been rated high when it comes to LCD TVs; Samsung LN37C530 too has been considerably a successful product in the market. Why do people opt for it and what are its salient features -Let's find more about it.

Considering the price range and the superlative picture and sound quality, arguably there could be no other parallels to it. Although some make an issue of it being 60 Hz, but when learning from the experiences of the customers we get the whole different idea. It is not essential to have 120 Hz to see a good picture. Samsung LN37C530 is highly satisfactory with regard to the picture quality; no matter you are watching movies or playing a game on gaming console. The colors are lively and vibrant, whereas the motion is exceedingly smooth. Features like Wide Color Gamut-CCFL and resolution of 1920 x 1080 explains it pretty well.

As far as sound is concerned, it is highly satisfactory as well. One can run the surround system to have a better sound quality while watching movies. This system also gets turned on automatically when it is apt to enhance the sound quality. There are three sound controls namely Bass, Balance and Treble. Moreover Samsung LN37C530comes with two speakers those are built-in. The total output power is around 20 Watts.

With an optimal size of 37 inches, Samsung LN37C530 could be the best option for your bedroom. Aesthetically pleasing, it has a very stylish and elegant look. It comes with a TV stand that is equally striking. Besides being appealing, the stand is compact and convenient as well. It is Swivel in nature, and tabletop in design. Above and beyond, it also has the ‘game mode' and the light sensor technology to increase the user convenience. Moreover one could also acquire the merits of TV tuner and HDTV tuner.

Lastly but not the least, it is also quite easy to setup. With little considerations, one could himself have it set up. Furthermore, unlike other ‘fully loaded' TVs, Samsung LN37C530 is considerably easy to operate. The menus are comfortably readable and easier to navigate. So having your grandma at home, would not mean you have to necessarily opt for a simple TV. Samsung LN37C530 could do it!

Perhaps the foremost reason behind such an inclination towards Samsung LN37C530 is its extremely reasonable cost. Its price could get as low as $600 or $700 depending upon the supplier. It also has the one year manufacturer warranty. Besides, shipment charges could be a subject of variability; nonetheless there are suppliers that provide the TV without any shipping charges. Make your selection wisely.

Source by Tom Bab