The new Sharp 80 inch big screen LED TV is a great TV experience. The size of the TV requires a room or a space where you can sit back at least 10 to 12 feet to watch, otherwise you will find yourself moving your head right and left to encompass the entire picture. I personally find this 80 inch panel more fun to watch than a 100 inch projector screen.

Sharp makes 3 models of the 80 inch panel. The 844U model series is the high end flagship model. Then there is the series model 632U and 633U that is made for the discount stores and box stores. It is a more stripped down version. Although the lower model is just as big, it is missing several important features and picture qualities. The better model has nearly double the contrast ratio. Although they are all 120Hz and 240 Hz panels, the better model has an LED back light refresh rate of 480. This is called Aqua-motion 480. The 80 inch flagship model also has the quad pixel technology. This makes a huge difference in the picture quality after calibration. The 80 inch flagship model is also 3D.

This is not a product you would want purchase online or from a box store as Sharp Factory support and proper setup and calibration are extremely important. A good Sharp product technician can set this TV up for easy operation. A certified I.S.F. calibrator can make the TV look the way it is made to perform with detailed dark areas, controlled white levels, and accurate color. Once calibrated the enormous picture is breath taking.

There is always someone online selling products cheap or below a normal dealers cost because they have no investment in Sharp products or training. They also have no Sharp product support or customer service. Sharp does not support online sales from unauthorized online dealers so be careful. Purchasing a high end Home Theater product is more than just getting a price on a box. The total experience from assembly and installation to setup, programming and calibration should be left to the professionals. Once completed, the 80 inch Sharp becomes an awesome experience. Even with the huge picture panel the detail is incredible. Customers usually comment that the picture looks almost 3D without the 3D mode and glasses.

The menu allows the technician to simplify your operation. He can block out the unused inputs to avoid the confusion. The smart TV mode is simple to operate and has a button right on the remote control to access the Smart TV channels. The Smart TV includes Net-flix, YouTube, movies and the most popular internet channels for TV with streaming video.

Check out the new Sharp 80 inch LED TV with professional installation, setup, and calibration from your local professional.
Spencer Sight & Sound is a local Sharp Professional from Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Source by Edward A Spencer