Sony is king with respect to 3D. Their 55nx810 comes in HD and you can record 3D movies with their amazing cameras. It also comes with Blu-ray players. Its screen gives you great 2D picture, and with its KDL-55NX810, your viewing experience is heightened to the max.

The Sony 55″ TV comes with an OptiContrast Panel which gives you exceptional picture contrast. It's colors are very strikingly real; demonstrating how superior LED backlight is to the ordinary fluorescent lighting. In addition to their superiority in lighting, LED backlights are also much more efficient with respect to energy. Its presence sensor adds to its ability to save energy, since as soon as it detects that there is no one in the room, it automatically turns the picture off first; and then the audio follows if you are gone for an extended period (30 minutes), and it puts itself into sleep mode.

One of the most sophisticated and effectual motion processing solutions is Sony's Motionflow. It comes with a 240 Hz version which is four times the video frame rate with an insertion of 3 new frames for each original frame. The system has the capability of creating sharp, smooth pictures. What it does is to analyze the movement of specific on-screen objects as well as of overall movement.

Sony's KDL55nx810 comes with a built-in Wi-Fi which makes it simple to access both television shows as well as movies online. You get instant access to Netflix, Pandora, music, pictures and so much more via their built-in web menu. No cable, no wires, is what you get with this television set; something anybody would want in a TV.

Other features of this amazing TV from Sony includes its 54.6″ screen, its capability to display 3D images when you utilize it with a 3D Synch Transmitter as well as a 3D active glasses that you would have to provide yourself. Its tuner gets HDTV broadcasts that are received over the air; you will need to get an antenna for this however. Furthermore, its QAM cable TV tuner gets programs that are unscrambled without a set-top box, but for this you will need to have cable service. It also has the selectable Motion flow PRO blur reduction that serves to make motion images much clearer.

It also comes with both room light and presence sensors, an energy saving switch, BRAVIA Engine 3, and it is an internet-ready Smart TV. With the room sensor, that works with the lighting, in that the TV's sensor will automatically adjusts the television to the brightness and colors that works best in the lighting of the room you are watching it in. For the presence sensor, what happens is that the TV's system will detect the presence of someone in the room. If that person leaves, it turns off the picture after 23 seconds of them being gone; and then the audio also goes if they are away for a half an hour. It also comes with an illuminated multi-brand remote control.


Source by Stan Roderbel