The Vizio 37″ LCD HDTV VX37L and the Sharp Aquos LC-C3742U are both high definition LCD TV's that were originally released with similar price tags (I believe the Sharp was a little more expensive at time of release). The VX37L follows on from Vizio's successful L37 model.

I am excited to compare these TV televisions as they are often the two models that consumers are looking at and can't decide upon.

Sharp Aquos LC-C3742U
These TV's were sold at CostCo TVs and may still be available there, or elsewhere online. Whilst this TV displays very good HDTV quality images, there is no way to actually adjust the screen size for HD signals. The sound is also not the best out of the box.

Vizio 37″ LCD HDTV VX37L
This TV is excellent value for money even compared with the Sharp, its bigger named competitor. If your main aim is to watch HDTV movies and play current game consoles then you won't be disappointed by the crystal clear display. The sound out of the box is also considerably better than the Sharp.

I extensively search for real customer reviews for all televisions as I believe it is simply the best way to gauge raw consumer opinion. Consumer opinion for the VX37L has been extremely positive even thought it has now been superseded by new models. It just goes to show that a good TV never goes out of fashion.

Based on my own experience and customer reviews from all around the internet I can not recommend the Sharp Aquos LC-C3742U over the Vizio 37″ LCD HDTV VX37L, despite its few good points. The Vizio just stands out too much and as far as value for money goes, can not be beaten.

Source by Paul Benett