No way. Your old TV has finally given up on you and you are going to have to come into the twentieth century. Maybe later you will get to the twenty first century as your kids have suggested. You did notice a nice Vizio 50 inch flat screen television set you kind of like, but you really like your CRT. You aren't sure you are ready for a change, to much groaning and eye rolling from your teenagers. Maybe making a comparison can help you make up your mind better than, “But Dad …”

If you want the clearest picture and best quality image, look at the Vizio 50 inch. You know they have worked to produce the best and have succeeded. Your old CRT and the newer ones don't show that kind of quality pictures.

If you do any gaming on your television, you will see the difference immediately. Since the CRTs aren't as high quality images as the Vizio 50, You may find yourself at a disadvantage compared to those with a Vizio 50.

Another thing to look at is the size you are choosing. If you're getting a 50 inch TV, then you don't want the hassle of a cumbersome CRT. You want the flat screen TV so you can mount it on your wall if you want to.

Do you really want to go purchase another TV in less than a year? You will if you go with the CRT.

In making these comparisons it is easy to realize your teenage gamer was right. The Vizio 50 flat screen would be better. But don't get your hopes too high. The eye rolling doesn't stop.

Source by Sally Goldbeck