Outdoor televisions are an excellent way to spice up your outdoor space. Whether it's your home patio, deck or gazebo, or your business' outdoor seating area or poolside cabana, any place people gather and spend time outside can benefit from having an outdoor TV.

Some people may consider taking an indoor TV and using it outside. One of the main problems with this is that it's much brighter outdoors than indoors, and indoor TVs aren't as bright as outdoor TVs, so seeing the image on the screen may be difficult. Secondly, taking an indoor TV outside will void the warranty, so if something happens, you'll have to purchase another TV.

Outdoor televisions on the other hand are built to live outside and withstand all the threats that go along with being outdoors. This includes but is not limited to rain, snow, humidity, salty air, dust, insects, freezing cold and blazing heat. And of course they carry warranties that will help protect a buyer in case something was to harm the TV.

So one of the main benefits you'll have is peace of mind. Knowing that your TV will be able to withstand that afternoon thunderstorm, or a winter storm that brings 15 degree temperatures and a foot of snow. And if something was to happen, you're covered with a warranty.

Another option people may consider is purchasing a housing for an indoor TV, which would allow it to be safely used outdoors. The primary problems here would be the insufficient brightness of the TV, and the natural bulkiness and size of the housing. There can also be problems with glare and reflections on the housing as you'll have an extra layer of glass or plastic between you and your TV, which often times hinders the picture quality and clarity. For those looking for a clean and modern look, using a housing is not the best solution.

Outdoor televisions used to be overly thick, heavy and ugly, however in recent years true outdoor TVs have come a long way to where they're no longer big boxes awkwardly hanging from the wall. They're sleek, 4K, smart TVs that often times look exactly like the TV in your living room. Sizes range from 22″ to 85″, so there's a size for every style, design and budget. They can also be hung from the ceiling, placed on a pedestal, attached to a mobile cart, and of course mounted to the wall.

Most models also include a special coating on all internal components that allow them to continue operating even when wet. This gives you an extra level of protection so even if the outer housing was removed, and the internal electronics were sprayed with water, the TV would still operate like normal.

When it comes time to clean, you can hose off your table, chairs, deck… and your TV! Simple and easy, that's an outdoor TV. Spruce up your outdoor space with an outdoor television today!


Source by Phil Shuyler