Have your kids been hassling you to buy them a laptop this christmas, or are they students that are telling you they need this big expensive laptop to do all their university or college work.

Well have you heard of the Eee PC?

Eee PC is marketed as ‘Easy to learn, easy to work, and easy to play'. It is relatively a low price depending on what model you get. The newer models have the added option of Windows XP, but obviously that increases the price.

It is currently one of the most sought after laptops around, you may have seen it advertised on the Underground or on TV. It is 225 mm wide , 170 mm deep and weighs only 1.12 kg. It is aimed at being easy to use and is perfect for e-mails, and making documents and spreadsheets.

The only let down is that as it is small it can be a little tricky to use with a small keyboard and the resolution on the screen is not the same as you may see on more expensive laptops.

But it is perfect for children, as their is no need to buy a big overbearing laptop that is ging to cost an arm and a leg. If you buy wholesale you can get a really good cheap price for an Eee PC, so it is a perfect present this christmas. The kids can use it for all their schoolwork as well as surfing the internet.

I would highly recommend this for a credit crunch beating christmas present.

Hope this helps


Source by Sam Brady