1. It supports ADSL/2/2+ so no matter what type of service you have the 2710Vn will know how to get the most from it.
  2. Four LAN ports to plug in 4 different PC's and really open up that network connectivity, great for a home network or the small office.
  3. Firewall and security features second to none, blocking and preventing against all kinds of attacks from the Internet. Whether you're a total newcomer or a seasoned professional the firewall features will impress.
  4. USB port enabling you to insert a 3G USB dongle to give you wireless in those remote ADSL areas and also to prevent against fall over and give you uninterrupted service in the occasion that the ADSL connection goes down.
  5. The USB Port can alternatively be used for printer support enabling most USB printers to become a network printer and everyone on the network will be able to access it.
  6. Save money with VoIP. The FXS port will let you connect your existing telephone handset and make calls over the internet saving you tons of cash on those lengthy phone calls
  7. N Wireless is the latest in wireless speed and technology. It will transmit seamlessly your high-speed broadband connection throughout your entire house, faster, clearer and stronger than ever before. Great for all your wireless devices, everything from your mobile phone to PC's and gaming consoles.
  8. VPN Facilities, the 2710Vn has the capability to set up a Virtual Private Network giving the users of your choice remote data Access. It has two VPN tunnels meaning that at anytime you can have two additional PC's dialing in remotely to connect to the network, sharing files, music, movies, logging into databases, the list goes on. This can be a network set up between offices, states or even countries, the distance knows no boundaries.
  9. Antenna Upgrades, coming with three 2dBi Antennas is great for in and around the house, but if we want to get some more distance covered we can do an easy and simple upgrade to 5dBi or even 7dBi antennas giving you much more range and coverage.
  10. Really easy to use and setup, the 2710Vn is ready to rock straight out of the box. Pre-programmed to automatically recognize most of your settings all you need to do is put in your username and password and you're online.
  11. Reliability and ultimate dependability are what Draytek is all about with an extremely low failure rate this is the modem you want in you home or business.
  12. Style and Design and embody this truly tidy piece of kit from Draytek. It is a great looking unit and fits right at home with your Mac or PC. Fantastic for the home or office and with all the features mentioned above the 2710Vn is a modem router that totally stands out from the crowd.

Source by Paul Jeffrey Warren