Facebook is considered as one of the most boosted social media and networking service used by millions of people to interact, market and covenant into a conversation. Being used as a mediator of contact and connect of information, informal chats, marketing and enterprise activities it is protected by a user name and password to authenticate the correct user and protect the system and profile from any unethical misrepresentation and approach.

Sometimes computer jocks also known as hackers engage in some unethical involvement and use the private data of the user for misdeed. FACEBOOK has been used by people for storing certain important information or consists of some confidential enclosure of matter which is unethically impinged by hackers. Due to frail security catch up such profiles became the hunt of other people and the information is misused. Breaking in to the password of Facebook is not so tough unless protected by enhanced security.



An external USB cable is connected with the host computer and it stores every stoke of movement made on the keyboard on the external device. The drive include the program with in it, it saves all the information about the movement and the software deduce the information.


Though it is the most difficult method used to retrieve the information but it still widely used by the professional hacker's.it entails creating of a fake login page account and sending the page to the user and once user filled the login details, all the information can be taken.


It is used to hack the accounts that are in close proximity of the hacker.it is related to connecting of the user with a fake wireless connection and once the user it tricked,all the details can be retrieved.


One of the easiest method to get an access to the account of a known person is by using reset my password option. The hacker use an alternative email and by answering little details about the user, one can get access to the account. This method can only be used by the person who is known to the victim.


1) STRONG PASSWORD: Always choose a login id thatisnot so common and cannot be easily deduced

By any other person. Include signs, numbers and a mixture of upper case and lower case letters.


Such unencrypted networks can be a net planned by the hacker to get in to the system.so protection of the account from such networks is necessary.

3)VPN SERVICE: vpn service help in keeping the account safe by protecting it from various cookies created.it helps in preventing the account from cookies created by third party.

4) PROFESSIONAL HELP: protecting of the personal information is extremely important in order to prevent from any misdeed. Getting a professional help is the need of the hour, there are various institutions that help in providing the guidance and ensuring proper safety of your system and account from any unauthorized access.

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5) LOGG OFF ACCOUNT: once you are done working with your account, always log it off.this prevent the account from fire sheep.

6) LOG IN APPROVALS: This method can help a lot in shielding the account.it is extremely useful as the user get the update when the account is logged in.even if the account is being used by someone unethically the user will be notified for such access and an action can be taken.

CYBER PROTECTION is extremely important in the techno-giant world where everything is being performed online. Unethical dissemination of information can cause a lot of problems for the user. Professional help can guide a long way to prevent such encroachments.

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Source by Ritika Duggal