For those not in the loop, Ghost Whisperer produced with John Gray is a Television Drama played by Jim Clancy who is David Conrad in real life. Jim is Melinda Gordon's husband in this American fantasy Television series. Many people are wondering how Ghost Whisperer Jim Dies, who was ultimately responsible for his death and will this be the last we see of Jim? Read on because you are about to find out.

Ghost Whisperer Jim Dies at Mercy Hospital. Jims spirit is leaving his body and moving towards the light as others are trying to save him. Jim tries to touch his own body but his hand goes through. Caitlin Mahoney is who this episode is centered around. She is a 17 year old girl who was one of patients Jim was trying to save. Caitlin tells Melinda Gordon that she felt guilty because Ghost Whisperer Jim Dies right at the point while he was trying to save her. Unfortunately Caitlin also dies.

The Ghost Whisperer Jim Dies is a true sign of love and what it is like to be loved. You would think Melinda would be gentle and sympathetic but she wasn't. She was upset at Caitlin and appeared to not want much to do with the ugly affair. Caitlin hurts her Stepdad as she told Melinda, but Melinda is so emotionally outraged and hurt she just wants to disassociate herself with the situation.

After a bit of nudging Caitlin tells Melinda that the Ghost Whisperer Jim Dies story wasn't an accident, that she helped plan his death and took part in his murder. Melinda tried to jump toward the ghost, a lot like someone trying to tackle someone in real life, and the ghost disappears. A viewer we research said she couldn't believe Jim was dead, it was horrible! We'll see if he comes back to life soon, it will be interesting to witness.

Source by Brian Garvin