GigaMAN Ethernet service links local area networks within a regional or metropolitan area. GigaMAN uses similar transmission protocol as in your local area network, allowing full advantage of enterprise LAN speeds as it transmits data between sites.

Compared to DS3 service, GigaMAN is faster. It is because it connects existing gigabit switches with single-mode fibers. Specialized fiber repeaters are installed at each demarcation point. The equipment interface used is the standard stick and click for multi or single-mode connection fiber cable. GigaMAN supports a range of interfaces that are suitable to your requirements. AT&T engineers design individual circuit to meet current and predicted network needs. It uses WDM to deliver many circuits over the same fiber pair and conserves customer entrance facilities. It used on-site network equipment that supports edge-monitoring and extends signal or provides specified interface. AT&T provider provides your space, conduit and power requirements among other things.

The benefits you can expect from GigaMAN are many. Customers and clients get more economical means to build and expand their network and likewise increase requirements for local bandwidth; obtain secure transmission on the private network for added security; acquire three route options of diversity: loop, alternate wire center and interwire center diversity for more protection; customers do not need to buy the equipment needed to convert traffic to WAN protocol. The single mode fiber permits GigaMAN circuit be extended from the demarcation for greater flexibility. GigaMAN will work for you.

Many problems are solved by GigaMAN's diversity of implementation solutions that all meet the needs of many businesses today. This service operates at very high speed rate and connects the customer's location to the Ethernet switch. Through its repeaters, it has the ability to run up to extended miles end to end. It provides high bandwidth optical channel for the Ethernet, video, voice, data and internet traffic. It is also available in single mode or multi-mode fibers. When making investment on your internal network, find the best you can get for a fast ethernet service that fits you and your business needs perfectly. Do not let your wide are network put you down and become a huge obstruction for your enterprise. Some remote offices and servers are able to match high performance levels suitable for your local network. GigaMAN service can put your organization ahead in the fast route and creates connections across town so that your business would not slow down.

GigaMAN fiber optic Ethernet service that run at point to point gigabits can link two networks together as long as they are located in the same area or region. Once you plug to gigabit Ethernet switch for your network, GigaMAN lets you make the most of the existing network and make data transfers to remote network areas in your Ethernet protocol. This transmits data a little over 1 gigabit per second! Imagine something like that as over twenty times faster than DS3, which is exactly it! In general, GigaMAN works by connecting a fiber repeater to gigabit Ethernet switch through a single-mode fiber. Between endpoints, fiber-optic is created and gigabit connection is established. The equipment for fiber termination is located at the demarc point and requires some space in your own facilities.

Source by Chad Daniel