SmartPhones are replacing the traditional phones in large numbers, especially in the corporate world. Very soon, these phones will take over and replace the Personal Computers, which were mostly used in the corporate industry. All SmartPhones are like uncontrolled endpoints. They either get lost, stolen or borrowed. This means that your company's sensitive data is more susceptible to theft and loss. Therefore, it has become extremely essential to take precautionary anti theft measures to protect all your important data.

The use of SmartPhones in the corporate world demands complete security practices. It is strongly recommended for organizations to use all the latest technologies available in the market. Software options like SSLs, VPNs and firewalls equipped with application intelligence should be made use of. A SmartPhone policy should be established in every organization. A policy might recommend the use of strong passwords for individuals to access their devices. Similarly, it might make it compulsory for every device to have anti-malware software installed in it. Also, the loss or theft of every device should be immediately reported. Every SmartPhone has a unique serial number that is its Device Identification Technology. This number links the device to its user. Using this information, the IT should remotely disable and erase all the sensitive data, in case of loss or theft.

Another good practice is to install software in SmartPhones. These software options track down the phone in case of a theft. Moreover, they lock down all the sensitive information in the device the minute it is reported lost. This makes the phone inaccessible to an unauthorized user. One such software is Snuko. It is equipped with all the above features and more.

Similarly, if you want to protect your company's sensitive data, you should make sure that all the SmartPhone traffic is comprehensively scanned. An advanced firewall should be installed to inspect every data packet that is traversing through the SSL VPN. Wireless access security should be established for SmartPhones. When consumer SmartPhones get connected to unencrypted Wi-Fi hotspots, they become highly vulnerable to attacks. Therefore, it is mandatory to have excellent security on wireless networks.

The SmartPhone traffic bandwidth should be correctly managed. The converged voice and data communications featured by today's SmartPhones should be properly protected by organizations. Likewise, the bandwidth management and quality of service should be optimized. The corporate use of SmartPhones demands a platform agnostic approach towards the best security and anti theft practices. The use of the latest software options and next generation firewalls should be encouraged.


Source by Jenna K