We live in an era of globalization where companies cannot exist without having a strong presence in multiple countries. Even for a small or medium sized company which hopes of becoming something bigger, then the only way forward is to transforming into a Multi National Corporation or MNC. These MNCs have their affiliates and branches in many cities round the world. Hence, it becomes necessary for them to have an active mode of communication between the branches and this can be achieved by opting for leased lines from Telephone and Internet Service Providers.

The leased lines are best for acquiring connectivity between offices of a company as these lines dedicatedly serve a single corporation and so there is enhanced security along with higher level of service. Besides, leased lines provide faster transmission speed for transferring data, voice etc. and so it becomes easier for employees situated at geographically distant sites to get access to the main server of the company without much hassle.

What are site links?

MNCs utilize the different sites spread across the globe as back up for each other and so they create secure mode of data transmission called site links. These site links are created by telecommunication companies for a price; they are often used in times of emergency so that once site can take up the work of the other site to ensure business continuity.

Other modes of business communication

Virtual Private Network or VPN: This network is used by businesses to provide secure site-to-site communication. Many corporations such as banks deal with very critical customer data that needs extra protection along with faster real time connectivity allowing employees to process monetary transactions instantly; thus they opt for this type of site-to-site private network as it cannot be infiltrated by any unauthorized users. Site-to-site connectivity is also used by companies in the Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) sector.

Point to point: Point to point is a network protocol which is extensively used in business networking. It is based on multiple layer systems and it provides privacy and security through encrypting the transmission of data. Point to point protocol also reduces the size of the information transferred through compression and so it helps in saving a lot of bandwidth, besides it can also provide authentication for connections. Using point to point protocol helps many companies in cutting down on the cost of networking and so it is widely used by different corporations around the globe.

Source by Ador Talukdar