The Nokia E66 White offers the same specification as previous E66 models but with an enhanced sleek white steel casing, which has become known as the white steel model. If that isn't impressive enough, the E66 White is a slider phone and has an almost completely white polished stainless steel exterior similar to the iconic apple iPod which is known for its stylish and fashionable design appeal.

The Nokia E66 is not only a very sophisticated looking phone but it also has some amazing technology included within its polished white frame. These include email optimization, a function that optimizes your ability to send and receive emails and it also includes Microsoft Exchange which is the worlds most widely adopted corporate email solution. Another great feature with the Nokia E66 is that it comes fully equipped with easy to install and easy to use personal and professional email, so you can in effect read and react to your emails whilst on the move where ever you are.

The Nokia E66 also comes with a high quality 3.2 megapixel camera which takes high resolution pictures. The phone also enables its users to record their own video clips and then the pictures and videos can be viewed on the E66's moderated sized screen which can be changed from portrait to landscape viewing with a flick of the wrist with its orientation sensor.

From a multimedia perspective the Nokia E66 also has a built in MP3 and FM radio player so you can listen to your very own favorite tracks whilst on the go and stay tuned in to your favorite FM radio stations.

One endearing feature that the Nokia E66 supports is the ability to switch from a business mode to a personal mode, much as you would your desktop computer with different log-ins so you can have a theme for work and a separate theme for personal use.

The phone also comes with other great business features such as the feature-rich Nokia calendar, contacts for Eseries and the ability to create your very own secure VPN connection to your company intranet. As well as its very own integrated assisted-GPS and Nokia maps making the Nokia E66 the complete package for all of your business needs.


Source by Andrew Ramsey