is a default IP address which was introduced by some companies like Linksys or Netgear to help their users, especially beginners, to easily set up and configure their broadband routers.

To see how easy it is to access the Configuration panels simply do the following. Open up your favourite web browser (Mozilla Firefox, IE, Opera, Google Chrome) and type in the address bar at the top. There is no need to add http:// in front of it because the browser will automatically add this prefix when you type the default IP address. After you do that press the Enter button on your keyboard and you will be able to access the configuration panel where you configure your router to suit your needs.

The IP address is actually a private IP address (IPv4) and we can practically configure any unit (router, computer, modem) with its help. Since it is a private IP address it can't b used on the Internet, but only inside a network. This is what private IP addresses are meant for.

Can I Reset my Router Default Password?

There are cases when we desperately need access to the configuration panel of our router but we can't remember of the username and password. A real nightmare, don't you think? Well, if this happens, there is still some hope left.

First of all, you can try using different combinations of usernames and passwords which can be found on the Internet. You would be surprised to find out than you can easily find the default username and password for your router. Sometimes it is enough to know who is the manufacturer, and in other cases we can search for default login details for a specific router model. In most cases, the combination of usernames and passwords for routers with a default IP of is admin, admin; admin, password; blank, admin. Please note that the bolded words are the usernames and the others are passwords. Hopefully one combination will work. If not, search the Internet.

The last option for you, if nothing else works is a hardware reset. Although it sounds scary to a novice user, it really is nothing big. Every router has a hardware reset button. Simply press that button and hold it for half a minute and in a few moments your router will return to its factory settings. After you have done this try the default usernames and passwords we have mentioned previously. This time it should work. The first time wasn't successful probably because someone has changed the default login details.

Source by William Z Taylor