Organizations of all shapes and sizes have begun to rely on “the Cloud” to accommodate their tech infrastructure. This form of internet-based computing has decreased IT costs, making new technology and business solutions available to even the smallest of organizations.

What Is It?

Internet-based computing allows organizations to store their software and files online. NetSuite software has allowed small and mid-sized companies to access some of the business programs and features that had previously been out of their budget range. When cloud-based programs are used, organizations don't have to invest in new hardware, servers or storage devices. In effect, it is a way to outsource your IT hardware and software maintenance costs and support. Businesses end up sharing computing resources, including the cost to implement them, and use the programs only on-demand. Since it is stored and managed by a third-party, updates can be released and installed without your company having to do a thing.

How Does It Work?

Business solutions are delivered via the internet. It is often referred to as “software as a service” since users are paying for access to the components rather than purchasing and storing it themselves in-house, on physical servers at their location. These systems, such as NetSuite software, may be paid for via a subscription service or on a pay-per-use service.

Since company information and the programs used to access it are stored online, the data can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Users log in to a personal URL site with a private login name and password.

Examples Of Business Solutions That Use The Cloud: NetSuite Software

There are many different types of business solutions that utilize the cloud nowadays. NetSuite software is one example of an all-around business management tool that operates in this manner. The company's cloud-based offerings include: ERP and Accounting, Order Management/Inventory, CRM, Professional Services Automation (PSA) and Ecommerce applications.

With such a wide variety of applications, there is no limit to what types of organizations can use these programs to run their business. Although much has been said about how these tools are useful for small organizations that may not have the space for internal servers or the budget for new programs, they are also extremely effective for businesses that have employees on the road or working remotely.

Sales personnel can upload orders immediately no matter where they happen to be located at the time. The warehouse personnel can then access the order immediately and begin fulfillment. Since both sales and warehousing are working off the same data, any discrepancies in the order that might happen due to human error are eliminated.

Data integrity is something all businesses benefit from with cloud-based computing whether their employees are scattered across the globe or across the office. Every time a company has to input data by hand they run the risk of that data being entered incorrectly. Cloud-based NetSuite software eliminates the need for data to be entered more than once. A single business solution can provide you with all the reports and analysis you need. Best of all, it is pulled from the same, original data. As long as that data was entered correctly, there is no chance for errors related to bad data.

The cloud isn't for everyone, but for companies looking to save on IT costs and access the latest technology at a budget-friendly price, internet-based computing is worth a second look.

Source by Chris A. Harmen