VPS is short for virtual private server. This is offered by many web hosting companies today. This type of hosting offers a better approach than the traditional shared server technologies, but is usually cheaper than a dedicated server. The features a company is offered when they use a virtual private server include their own operating system, access to root files, managed bandwidth, and unique mail sending features.

When a company uses a virtual private server for their web hosting needs, the company's files are setup on their own separate section on a server, with a separate operating system. Although the files may be on the same server they are completely separate. This means that another company cannot affect the performance or speed of your website as is often the case when you use a shared server.

Another feature of a virtual private server is that users have the ability to manage and access the root files associated with their accounts. Unlike a shared server where there is limited access, users can now access the files and make changes accordingly. You are entitled more control to what is yours which means you don't have to rely on technical support as much when you want to make root changes.

A virtual private server also manages the way that bandwidth is used on the server. This means that each company using the server for their website will be limited to the bandwidth on their account. No one company will have the ability to monopolize the bandwidth and shut out other company sites from functioning properly. On a shared server one company can take over the bandwidth which can make it impossible for some sites to load quickly.

A virtual private server also has its own send mail feature. This uses a completely separate application and mail feature for each company. With a traditional shared server the mail functions are not separate from other companies. Therefore, when companies send out spam and they are on the same server as you it can cause your website to be blacklisted on search engines and other places across the web. The VPS allows you to be entirely protected against the unprofessional practices of other businesses.

When you are looking for a web host the best option you can use is a VPS or virtual private server. You can take advantage of being separate from other companies and assured that no one can access your files. The mail, operating system bandwidth, memory, root, and other things will be entirely separate. This provides for total security for your online business. You can be assured that you will not be affected by another company stealing bandwidth and sending out SPAM that could affect the availability of your website.

Source by Tamara T. Field