Who hates eating berries? These are among the sweetest fruits existing. They usually have red, blue, and other colors when ripe. If you are tired of eating any of these fruits as it is, you could try a different art. This is none other than making chocolate covered fruit. This is a simple project to try at home. If you want to coat apples, almonds and nuts, you can do that too. The process involves melting chocolate slabs until they turn to liquid. One could use any type available, such as dark and milk or white chocolates.

They both have a nice taste. One can use a microwave for melting task, but he or she has to put chocolate pieces in a safe bowl. Then set the microwave in the defrost setting as he or she begins. As it melts and becomes smooth, keep increasing the heat gradually. Look for additional articles online that have explained how you can safely melt chocolates. The second step involves dipping your ripe strawberries.

Note that the quality of fruits matters, in that they must be edible. For that reason, you have to sort them carefully to avoid ruining the overall taste of chocolate covered fruit. Additionally, you have to let loose your creativity, as this is a form of art. If you have time for leisure lately, you can spend it in finding many different berry coating recipes on the web. Later on, you can try all of them just a few days before your guests come over.

A basic technique for dipping berries in liquid chocolate is good for everyone. You simply pour all these tiny fruits as you stir the liquid. Then, using a spoon, scoop them out and place them on a sheet pan coated with a waxed paper. You can leave them to dry for later serving or freeze for half an hour. If you intend to add flavorings and other toppings, you may not wait until the chocolate hardens.

Other methods of dipping are rather complex and time consuming because you might have to dip one or two at a time. For instance, when you want a strawberry fruit to retain its clustered look, there is a way to do it. The chocolate has to penetrate into the cracks properly. If you only want a smooth texture, this can be a simpler task. You could even make images on a berry's surface with white and dark chocolates. For instance, some people are able to include tuxedo effect on their berry desserts. Surprisingly, they even form bowties and buttons. This type of art requires only your creativity.

If you are ready to be creative, then you will surely succeed. Since Halloween is almost here, you may not have time to do this work alone. If you will be serving berries, then you can order them. Some people are not only sharing ideas, but also chocolate covered fruit styles. Do your shopping online so that you can finish quickly and pleasurably. You may as well look for reviews of products and read them carefully. There is a lot to gain from doing that. For instance, you can easily tell if other people were happy with a given product or not.

Source by G. Smitty