• Does your blog have an outdated design?
  • Does your current design look unattractive?
  • Do you want to attract and retain your visitors?

If you have an outdated or unattractive design for your blog it may turn off your visitors. Website owners often fall in love with their own design without seeing it from their visitor's viewpoint. Ask several of your friends to evaluate your current blog design by asking for their honest opinions. Alternatively visit Web site design forums and ask for a free evaluation.

3 ways to redesign your blog

1. Customize your current blog

Instead of investing a lot of time and money by starting from scratch customize your current design a little to give it a new look. Here are two simple WordPress customizations that will give your blog an attractive new design:

Select a new theme

  • Google “free WordPress themes”
  • Scroll through the list of themes and choose one that will suit your business
  • Download the themes file to your desktop
  • Unzip the files using Winzip or other software
  • Upload the folder to the themes folder on the server (wp-content-themes)
  • Log in to your administration panel and click on settings — Appearance
  • Select your new theme then save it
  • Refresh the web page to view your new theme

Change the heading banner

  • Design a new banner in your favorite graphics software (e.g. Photoshop, Fireworks)
  • Right-click on your current header image then select properties to find the name of the banner
  • Name your new banner the same as the old one then save it on your desktop
  • Upload the new banner to replace the old one on the server
  • Refresh your web page to view the new banner

2. Purchase a premium WordPress design template

Why purchase a premium design template when you can easily install a free theme?

Premium themes contain clean code, are optimized for the search engines plus you receive professional technical support should you have problems with installation or customization. It also saves you time looking through hundreds of free themes not knowing what's in the code or if the theme will be updated. Theme developers invest lots of time to make sure the designs look professional. This allows you to easily upgrade your current design with a professional theme for your business.

3. Hire a professional Web designer

A professional web designer will create a customized design that matches the tone of your business. The design will be unique so it will stand out from your competitors plus it will be easier to brand your business. Your Web designer gives you peace of mind because you will receive professional advice, technical support and he'll suggest effective ways to promote your blog.

Source by Herman Drost