This does not mean it is a lower quality service provider. Couples of years ago they were missing dedicated and VPS servers, but recently they strengthened their services which are now superb. Some customers have accused BlueHost of dishonest and have accused them to be the worst popular web hosting provider when it comes to downtime, I'll give you a complete true review here.

BlueHost Pricing

If you choose BlueHost for their pricing you will never regret. Their pricing just starts from $3.95/month. May be you will get cheaper hosting provider than BlueHost but its discount codes and offers will save your real money. Their price is little bit higher for VPS and dedicated server but best for small and shared hosting plan.

BlueHost Performance

BlueHost ‘s performance is pretty good but not impressive. They advertise their shared hosting as unlimited but the truthof he mater is they have limitation just like other web hosting providers. Most of the customers claim that BlueHost is slower after getting more than 60,000 page views per month. This is the reason why people use cloud server rather than using BlueHost for massive traffic website.

BlueHost Control Panel

BlueHost uses simple and eye-catching cPanel for their shared web hosting accounts. This means you'll get the same facility you may be able to find on WebHostingHub, Hostgator and other renowned shared hosting providers. It has Script installer, so the user can easily install couples of most popular scripts. This includes, phpBB, bbPress, Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many others.

Reliability and Support

BlueHost usually provides more than 99% uptime which is competitively higher than Hostgator and other web hosting service providers. I do not know how BlueHost has managed to achieved it but it stands out from the crowd. With 3-tire support system BlueHost doesn't let its customer down.

The Good

• Supports clients

• Cares about customers

• Reliable

• Free domain

The Bad

• Price for second timers isn't as attractive as for the first timers

• Not unlimited web hosting

• Dedicated and VPS server is not as good.

• CPU resources are limited

BlueHost is the leading shared hosting providers. It has secured its place because of great support and reliability. If you are looking for a web hosting for your small businesses, blogs, online portfolio, personal websites or a websites that do not exceed 10,000 page views per day then BlueHost is the best solution for you.

Source by Tevin Jones