A web hosting plan is said to be cheap when it costs you less than $5 per month and provides you with adequate features that allow your site to run professionally. While the cheap hosting plans come in handy when you are operating on a tight budget, they have their fair share of problems. Here are some of these problems and how to go around them:

Up-selling and cross-selling by the hosting company

Since they are selling their hosting plans cheap, most of the hosting companies try to make extra money by selling you products that you might need. These include apps, CDN services, and email management tools. While some of the products are straightforward, others require you to sign up for the free trials after which they charge you high prices, and you have problems canceling your subscription.

To avoid this issue, you should undertake thorough research before you sign up with the company. You should ensure that the firm you are working with doesn't require you to sign up for a trial service. You should also avoid clicking blindly and always research the add-ons before you subscribe.

Host with bad neighbors

Due to their low-cost nature, some of the hosting companies have spammers, and since you will be sharing your hosting with the spammers, you put your site at the risk of being hacked. You also have reduced hosting space. To protect your site and ensure that your site has enough space, you should only work with a hosting company with extremely strict policies on hackers and spammers. If your account is hacked, you should request for relocations and ask the hosting firm to transfer you to another server block. If you are also attacked here, consider leaving the company.

Hidden cancellation fees

To try to get some money from you, some companies charge cancellation fees. In most cases, these fees are hidden, and you can't tell it unless you are extremely careful. To be sure you are safe, you should read the terms of service. You should pay attention to the “cancellation” area. If the company requires you to pay a cancellation fee, you should run.


These are some of the problems you might come across when you are working with the cheap web hosting companies. The secret to avoiding being caught on the wrong side is doing enough research before you make a commitment to the hosting company.


Source by Raeesha Bisht