Though there are several types of web hosting accounts, the main decision one has to make is related to dedicated or shared web hosting. One needs proper research to find suitable web hosting according to one's needs. Whether you need a business web hosting or just planning on getting a small personal site, you need to find the perfect web hosting package that can meet your requirements.

In a dedicated web hosting service, the client can hire an entire server that is not shared with others. Dedicated web hosting is considered more flexible than shared web hosting, as it allows the companies to have full control of the server that includes hardware, choice of operating system, etc. Similarly, you can also receive Internet connectivity, monitoring and redundancy measures.

There are several differences between dedicated and shared web hosting, but the basic difference is that in shared hosting different customers share a single web server, while in dedicated web hosting customer can lease an entire server without anyone's sharing. Usually, large professional websites, which have a great deal of traffic, sensitive content and secure e-commerce applications, seek for dedicated server solution.

You can get several benefits from a dedicated hosting and some of them are as follow.

Quick and commanding – dedicated hosting: When you have a dedicated server for your website, your website is able to use all the resource of this server and that's why the response time doesn't impact by the other website and the limitation of your account. The vendor can limit your site usage (on the hardware resource of the server) in shared web hosting and when traffic on the site exceeds this limitation, the site begins to slow down. Similarly, the response time of your website is impacted when there is too much traffic on these shared servers because of other hosted websites.

Protection and Security – dedicated hosting: On Shared hosting servers, information are not as secure and safe as on dedicated server. More often, these dedicated servers provide their own firewall. If there are some sensitive information on your server and you want increased security, a dedicated server should be on your top priority.

Software installation and Flexibility – dedicated hosting: In a dedicated hosting server, you can install the operation system and the software of your choice as you have the full control on the server. Thus, you can get the control and required flexibility for your business.

Quality service – dedicated hosting: More often, a dedicated web hosting company provides better service to the customers than the shared hosting vendors because they don't have an unending list of customers and that's why they focus on every request they receive.

When a project have ‘mission-critical' sort of importance and website owners have to concentrate on the design elements and content development of the site, dedicated server hosting is the best choice as you leave all the technical issues to the experts in such sort of web hosting.

However, when a company is new or just has a little presence on the internet, shared hosting is considered quite budget friendly choice. If you are serious about your web, go for dedicated hosting.

Source by Nguyen Hoang