If you are going to have your WordPress blog hosted, I'm sure you want a web hosting company that has ease of use. I remember when I first started looking at web hosting companies, I never really understood just what the difference was between control panels such as Hepsia and cPanel. It's amazing just how easy a control panel can make every single function seem like child's play.

cPanel was my first experience and it was a slight bit complicated but I was able to manage navigation through the interesting icon menu. Although cPanel looked pretty decent as far as I was concerned, well I didn't have anything else to compare it to. But it seems really easy to use once I got through the enormous learning curve. It wasn't until I started using Hepsia that I realize just how much more difficult cPaenel was. From the very start Hepsia came with what's called a unified login, simply meaning there was just one place to login instead of the separate two logins that cPanel has. The file management structure was definitely interesting because with Hepsia, each domain name has its own independent folder and seep had just one domain folder having all of the domains located in the same area.

Quickly and began to realize that there is definitely a better way than working with cPanel.

File Manager:
cPanel has a navigation that works much like a navigation bar whereas Hepsia has a drop and drag structure. Almost everyone is already familiar with the drop and drag structure due to all personal computers.

Hepsia comes with a multitude of bonuses. I have seen as much as 51 bonuses come with Hepsia and as much as zero, cPanel. Most other bonuses with cPanel you are charged for.

If speed is an issue for you than you might want to consider Hepsia which runs 3 to 5 times faster than cPanel and is fast hosting for WordPress. Not much more can I say about this, it would certainly be a deciding point for me.

Multiple Domains:
Hepsia has the ability to easily manage as much as 10 domains and if you are doing drop and drag, you can see just how easy it would be. As opposed to cPanel's explorer like navigation that only manages one domain at a time.

Hepsia is built on Ajax technology which definitely runs extremely much faster than its counterpart cPanel which is primarily written in Perl.

Installing Applications:
How about installing applications? Applications like WordPress where in cPanel you have to go to a fancy little installers like “Fantastico” and go through a little menu of operations to install WordPress. Hepsia on the other hand is a one click installer and one click framework installer.

Fast Hosting for WordPress:
5 seconds can be the difference between a person viewing your site or closing the browser. Have you ever went to the website and waited for a page to load to the point where you just click the X and close the browser? I know I have. One of the things we don't look too much at when creating our WordPress blog is load time and this is extremely important. A lot of times you'll upload a lot of media and plug-ins to the point where your site can slow down to 10 seconds or more load time.

When I was building computers and fixing peoples computers I would tell them that your computer is only as fast as the slowest component. Which in many cases was the hard drive that was loaded down with all sorts of spyware and applications. Well, that can be the same for some of the hosting companies that are out there. You want to find a hosting company that has a great uptime but you also want to find a hosting company that has fast hardware and applications; no spyware. One of the ways for them to speed things up is also by the use of their control panel which is actually an application.

Both panels are provided for free when you purchase a hosting plan from any of the hosting companies that are utilizing these two control panels.

Always get fast hosting for WordPress if you have a choice. I would definitely recommending going with a creditable hosting companies that uses Hepsia as their control panel for speed, ease and simplicity. There is so much more ease of use and a world of bonus applications that you get with this drop and drag interface including the ability to brand it.

Source by James Statom