The untapped power of press releases can be liberated with surprisingly little investment. And it doesn't require having to own a web site, product or handling any customer service. By combining the muscle of press releases with virtual property successful internet marketers are generating earnings of a grand a week or more.

Virtual property describes something online that brings in a passive income, or an income with as little work as possible. The press release virtual property strategy is one that nobody is yet talking about, which is surprising considering how simple and profitable it appears to be.

Firstly what are press releases?

Wikipedia – “A news release, media release, press release or press statement is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something claimed as having news value. Typically, they are mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to assignment editors at newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television stations, and/or television networks. Commercial press release distribution services are also used to distribute news releases”.

In summary, press releases are used to announce information about a product or service someone is selling. By creating a press release for a product, adding an affiliate link at the end and submitting it to publishers such as PRWeb.com, virtual property tycoons are tapping into a highly profitable market.

Publishers have different levels of distribution, determined by cost, with which they blast press releases all over the internet and the world. If done properly this sort of global media distribution can result in massive targeted web site traffic. The resulting potential for earning commissions is enormous.

Five key steps to generating press release profits…

Step One.

Visit http://www.clickbank.com and search the marketplace for products that interest you. These can be on anything from making money, to weight loss, to golf or anything that takes your fancy. Sign up as an affiliate to any of these.

Step Two.

Register a domain name at http://www.godaddy.com. Make sure it is relevant to what it is you will be promoting. For example, if it is a weight loss product get a domain name relevant to a weight loss business.

Step Three.

Go to youtube.com and type in “how to forward a domain name at godaddy”. Watch a few of the videos until you understand how to forward a domain name and add your affiliate link to the forwarding section. What this now means is that anyone who types in your domain name will be automatically sent to the site you are promoting via your affiliate link. This means you can earn commissions.

Step Four.

Put together a press release about the product you are promoting. It is important you make your press release newsworthy. Talk about something that is big in the news at the moment and incorporate it into your press release. Visit sites such as prweb.com and follow the template provided. Also read other press releases to get a feel for how they are written.

Step Five.

Sign up (for nothing) to PRWeb.com and submit your press release. PR Web will essentially blast your press release all over the internet to relevant web sites in your market. Within a couple of days you can have thousands of web sites with your affiliate link on there.

This little bit of virtual property can bring in cash very, very quickly when done correctly.

If it's that easy to do why aren't more people doing it?

Well they are. They're just not telling other people about it. Why spend hundreds of dollars on pay per click marketing when you can spend eight bucks on a press release and have your link blasted all over the internet?

At this moment in time something that is in the news every day is of course the global recession. So you could earn money by writing a press release about a product that helps other people make money.

There are tons of making money products out there. Pick one that requires only minimum investment to make it successful. People don't have thousands to spend on a new business venture so pick a quality product that has minimum start up costs. Then write a press release about how people can get through the recession by following that product idea.

There is an art to writing a press release. Most people write them as a blatant promotion and that's not how it should be done. The important rule is that is must be newsworthy.


Source by Ed Walters