All the Host Gator Reseller plans help you to create unlimited websites under your own prices, brand and packages. The best thing in this scheme is that you can have 100% of the money you collect.

How it works:

Web Host Manager is the control panel for your reseller hosting account. You can create your new customer accounts in WHM. You click “create “tab after filling in the customer's account information. This will immediately set “C Panel” which their own control panel. They will go to administer their site through C Panel. They can create e-mail addresses, change passwords, create sub-domains and much more once they logged into the c panel without your help or hosting sites' help.

Reseller Hosting Features:

Private Name Servers help you sell hosting by having your own server name without anyone knowing that you are a reseller. Free Billing System provides you to create account automatically in WHM, view active server status, unique IP assignment, automatic server rotation, suspend/ delete account in WHM, import domains from WHM to autopilot, has built in help desk, that is if your client have any problems or issues are able to get support ticket from the built in help desk.

Free templates are provided to all the web hosting customers. Reseller packages also include 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year chat support through phone & internet. E-mail based trouble shooting is also available to the customers. Instant Backup system is that, their control panel helps you to make instant backup for your C panel account, this will supply a link to download the backup file; to restore your account you can use this backup file.

The main advantage of this system is that, they have no hidden fees or contract. Without any cancellation fees, you can cancel your hosting at any time. Site Builder website is very easy tool and even an 8 year old child can create a site within 30 minutes.

Source by John P Henderson