You may have picked up a magazine and saw reference to ‘Cloud Computing', and wondered just what that meant. Try to think of it as ‘on demand' computing that allows you to get information or be provided a service when you need it. Just imagine having access to just about everything you need, whenever you need, and from anywhere you are. This is precisely what it means.

Clients of this newfangled technology would be spared the expense and necessity of purchasing or leasing expensive software to use a few times. It might be easier to think of it as how you are billed for services such as electricity or gas. You only pay for what you use, or your calculated amount is distributed among many different users.

This method is extremely cost efficient all the way around. It will likely lead to more affordable computers, since the need for local software and services will be provided remotely and accessible from any computer anywhere in the world. That is the expectation, anyway.

Accessibility is one of the top features that it boasts. Indications lead one to believe that they would be able to access key systems whether they are using a computer, phone, or some other type of mobile device. Speed would be substantially increased as well, eliminating those painfully slow loading times for large applications that eat up your local computer resources.

You can see evidence of it in action through many types of ‘Software as a Service' that are currently in use. There are many businesses that currently use software as a service to conduct and maintain their data or vital services related to their company.

Cloud computing is revolutionizing the way we view and will use the internet in the future. It is hard to imagine that the world wide web is about to open up to a whole new level. It really does seem like the possibilities are endless.

Source by Philip J Morris