Technology has come far, and so have the web hosting services. Every organization, no matter small or big relies on hosting service providers. For all the coding enthusiasts working with these companies, selecting the best node.js hosting is important. So, what is node.js? It is a coding server built on JavaScript engine. There are several node.js hosting providers available today which are safe, cheap and some are even free. Read this article to find out how to select the best provider for yourself.

Why Should You Choose Node.Js?

This server has several advantages over its counterparts. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • It has numerous modules of JavaScript that simplifies web applications thereby making it efficient and lightweight.
  • It is also efficient with JavaScript requests from clients since it uses a single-threaded program.
  • When compared to legacy servers, it is better because it is based on a non-blocking I/O model which offers event-driven performance.
  • This server is elastic and can carry out coding extremely fast due to the presence of Chrome V8 engine.
  • Input is fast and so is the output. In the node.js server, the data execution is carried out without any buffering. It is smooth, and the output is in chunks.

Where is Node.Js helpful?

  • Websites that support real-time data sharing requires a smooth and strong hosting provider. It is the perfect provider for DIRT applications that are based on activities like online chatting, video-calling, online gaming, etc.
  • It will be helpful for those websites that deal with single page application. As mentioned above, node.js can support multiple data requests from different clients at the same time.
  • It is also the best and preferred option for I/O bound applications, JSON applications and data streaming websites.

How to Select the Best Provider?

Before you choose a hosting provider, make sure to read below to find out how you can select the best.


There is no doubt that sometimes the data passing through is enormous and sometimes there is no load at all. During such cases of data spike, the provider should be able to scale the data properly to ensure that the node.js works smoothly without any data traffic. Try to select one which has an auto-scaling option.


The more the better. The more space a hosting provider has, it will be able to store more data. Some of the best are free and have a storage space of at least 100 MB and can host at least 10 apps together.


Speed is one of the important factors while selecting a hosting provider. No one likes technology, which is slow. Choose one which will not only be smooth and fast, but also will be powerful and functional.


All hosting providers will have helplines but how many of them work? In case of emergencies, we panic. This is where helplines and tech support come in handy. Make sure the one you select has a working helpline or it is linked to other applications where complaints can be lodged and solved quickly.

For all the coding enthusiasts, choose the correct hosting provider wisely.

Source by Shalini Madhav