Bluehost had been in the business for quite some times and I am sure you had heard about them. The web hosting company has received wonderful reviews about their bandwidth, email account, space, script and more. Without doubt, their current ‘unlimited' bandwidth and disk storage promotion do give a huge boost in the business. However, it's not just the hosting plans that attracts customers in Bluehost. One of the little known special feature that they really attract people is with their live chat customer support.

While at first look the live chat customer support seems unrelevant to attracting new customers. But after using it, you'll notice the live chat customer support is not only for Bluehost existing customers. In fact, it is a great tool for those who want to know more about Bluehost. Many people spend a lot of time in reading the content of different web hosting companies and that is frustrating. With this live chat function, you could actually chat online with their operator in duty to ask whatever question that you might want to ask. Therefore, you can get you answer straight away.

With this live chat service, Bluehost is one step ahead of other web hosting companies. That is why many chose them. The process of signing up with Bluehost is really simple and quick. While working with my website, I had some problems. I straight away went to the live chat function and the operator was so helpful, she fix the problem at no time at all after I was able to provide relevant information needed to solve the malfunction. Therefore, this live chat function is a super support system that Bluehost has.

Source by Teddy Low