When you are trying to find a suitable cheap web hosting plan, there are several things that you can consider indeed. Different people will give different factors which can help you to think clearly before you purchase the web hosting plans.

First of all, you can try to see whether there is a guarantee of up-time for your website. Up-time represents the time that the website can be visible to the world. If there is no up-time guarantee, it means that your business website or individual website may not be visible to the internet world all the time.

This implies that no matter how great your article and website is, you cannot make use of this website to attract people to visit your business and turn them to your customers. Usually, the web hosting service providers will not provide a 100% uptime guarantee because this may limit their work. A good uptime guarantee will starts from 99% to 99.9%. You can see whether there is such a guarantee in the plan offered to you.

Besides, you have to think about whether you need the unlimited hosting plans. Some cheap web hosting plans will still give you unlimited web hosting services. But it is quite hard for you to pay $5 each month and get everything unlimited. There may be something that is limited, and you have to check that well. If you are running a website which may post a lot of photos, you need a lot of bandwidth and if you want to run a video website, the storage space may need unlimited feature.

For beginners of website management, cPanel should be user-friendly. This is a panel which can enable you to control the website well. You can use this panel to edit the features in the website and it should be user-friendly so that you can manage your website well. Some bad cheap web hosting service providers will try to limit the cPanel and requires you to pay more money in order to unlock those good features. You have to beware of these bad service providers if you do want to bring a good business website for you.

Nowadays, MySQL databases are commonly used by the website masters to build good websites. Thus, you need to make use of these databases if you want to stay in the competition. You have to find a suitable plan which can equip you with this feature.

Of course, if you think that your business will grow well in the future, you have to make sure that you can have multiple domains in the service plan so that you can expand your business website easily later. This may be something useful if you wish to boost the popularity of the website and enjoy a higher ranking in the search engine.

Source by Cindy Cox