Which is the better option – shared web site hosting or getting yourself a dedicated server? Of course the answer depends upon your needs but this article will attempt to help you discover which is the best for your needs.

In the large majority of cases, and I'm talking over 90% of the time, the better option is more often than not shared web site hosting. The reason for this is that a dedicated server is only really required by those with a massive site that gets extremely high levels of traffic.

A dedicated server may help you to feel more secure as they are less prone to viruses and other security risk but this is offset by the cost as shared hosting is by far the most affordable plus you do need to be more technically efficient with a dedicated server.

The bandwidth provided by most shared hosting accounts will be more than adequate for the majority of websites. The truth is that many Webmasters fail to use even 10% of their allotted bandwidth let alone go over it.

For those planning on having numerous websites shared hosting is still the preferred choice as many hosting providers now allow multiple domains on one account.

In my honest opinion shared web site hosting will be the better option for 99% of new Webmasters as they provide help, do all the maintenance and will give you adequate the space and bandwidth. If your site does turn into a massive success you can always upgrade to a dedicated server at a later date.

Source by Adam Bradley