WordPress is the most usable CMS platform on the internet that provides a professional look to your otherwise drab website. But starting out with WordPress can be a very daunting task. Sometimes, you make some mistakes, especially if WordPress is new for you. To experience effective results, you need to know the WordPress's features in detail.

WordPress is not merely a blogging tool but can also be used to create an awesome website. Here are some important tips for WordPress beginners to create an attractive website.

  1. Keep it simple: One of the most important things you need to know before getting started is to figure the navigation as per the services offered. Your website is same as a library where people are walking to find what they want. Thus, creating different pages for various products and services is fundamental. It helps to create your site simple and attractive.
  2. Buy a domain name: Doing a little planning to purchase a domain name is crucial. Some people decide the domain name as their brand name and some focus on services. After purchasing a domain name, you receive a confirmation email. Make sure you use a valid email ID during the buying process.
  3. Choose theme: Choosing the right theme is difficult but not impossible. Plugin and themes, both are usually specific to an industry. A theme helps to give attractive look and it includes widget locations, page layout, color choices and default font. You can get thousands of themes to match your industry.
  4. Create image gallery: Images help to make site beautiful and attractive. Whenever you upload new images on site, you need to add a specific keyword with title and little description as alt text.
  5. Focus on the footer area: Footer is vital because here you can add links of important pages, write a little message or give brief description about your website. Generally, people scroll down to look your site at a glance. So, provide an informative footer to the users.
  6. Keep WordPress secure: Hackers always follow the path of least resistance. So, any weak chain will be thoroughly exploited. Make sure, you always keep plugin and themes up to date and use a strong password.

Creating the perfect website is not a cake walk even in a simple CMS like WordPress. Some features may require the help of professional web designers. A good web designer is worth his weight in gold.


Source by Gursharan Gill