You hear a lot of talk about the best web hosting reviews. The truth is there are a lot of differences in this service and the only true way for you to discover what company will be the best one for you to use is for you to decide exactly what your data needs are, along with the exact amount of bandwidth you require.

The company that has the best web hosting reviews may be a great service that provides their customers with unlimited data storage. That is a great thing to have if you need a lot of data storage but the same company that received these hosting reviews may be a reseller web hosting service that is charging you far more than you should be paying.

A reseller web hosting service works just like any store or establishment that sells items that someone else manufactures. It works like this: one company provides the data storage and the bandwidth as a product. The reseller web hosting service purchases this data storage and bandwidth and then they turn around and sell the package they have purchased to someone else. When they sell the package a second time they mark the price of the service up and they make a profit without really having to do any work.

In case you are wondering what happens when the person that bought the data package from the reseller web hosting service needs customer support, it works like this; the original company that sold the package and actually owns the data storage capabilities is the one that addresses all of the customer support issues. The person that purchased the storage from the reseller web hosting service will contact the one they bought the service from and then they in turn contact the original seller of the space to resolve the issue.

It sounds like a reseller web hosting service is a bad thing, but the truth is there are times when these services make the best sense for the person buying data storage. The reseller can sell to the third party a portion of the package they bought. It would be the same if two people who are friends decided to purchase a data package from a web hosting service together. They would pay for the package as a whole and then the two friends would divide the amount of storage and available bandwidth according to their needs. If one of the two friends requires a great deal less storage than the other one and they may not split the cost in half, but rather divide the cost according to the amount of space they required.

When someone purchases a large data package from a service company that allows them to let a third party have access to their account they can defer their cost by selling the portion of the package they do not need to another person. The person that purchased the original service from the company that will do all maintenance and support has become a reseller hosting service.

Source by Ador Talukdar