An entrepreneur who has just embarked on an online business may not be familiar with the terms associated with web hosting as well as with a website. A webmaster newbie may not be aware what a cpanel is. Actually when you sign in with a web hosting company, the web hosting package will include a control panel which you will use in managing and maintaining your files and your domain. Of course there are other control panel options but cpanel is most favored by internet marketers due to several reasons.

First off is the ease by which the domains can be managed. From a central location the domain names and files can be easily managed by the web master. Cpanel is considered to be the most user friendly option these days as web statistics like AW stats, FTP stats and bandwidth usage can be easily accessed. Cpanel is so designed so that the visitors to the website can be monitored. Additionally, the country of origin of the visitors can be shown. This is most important for an ecommerce site.

Cpanel makes it possible for you to manage your email accounts. Auto responders, mail forwarding, spam filtering is important for a website dedicated for an online business. The webmail feature makes is possible for you to check your email from any computer.

With cpanel on your web hosting control panel, you can easily build as well as edit your web pages, create changes to the search engine submission and program automated tasks to effects a task at a given time schedule.

Another great feature of cpanel that most webmasters find very useful is its ability to start the preinstalled scripts for chats and forums. The Fantastico enabled cpanel deal with 50 different scripts that facilitate the installation of Content Management Systems and other common scripts.

Source by Bob Willis