There are quite a lot of business owners that are shifting to VPS today which is virtual private server. Most businesses all around the world today have websites since it helps them offer their services and products to a wider audience and gets higher sales. There are mainly two types of servers that you should know about if you are planning to set up a website. Dedicated servers and shared servers. However, with the new technology brought to you by virtual private servers, you can enjoy the benefit of both of these servers at a fraction of the cost.

The Main Benefits

When you use VPS, the main benefit that you would be able to enjoy is that all of your information can be privately kept. You can use the server alone without having anyone else access it. This type of hosting will also include a private server for email which is different than the one offered by shared hosting. It would protect the email account and would stop spam mails easily. Improved performance is another great advantage that you can enjoy with this type of a server. All the resources would be regulated so you would not be using all the memory and bandwidth with just a single server. You would also have the privilege of transferring the private server to larger or smaller servers when you want. You would be able to maintain all backup and then restore it when you want.

Virtual Private Servers are Different than Shared Servers

VPS is quite different from shared servers. All of the benefits that have been discussed above are offered exclusively by this new technology. Unlike a private server, you would also be able to customize your firewall setting. It would allow the user to use customized applications and it would also protect your system better against viruses and spy software. You would be able to add any specialized codes, CSS, java script, HTML codes etc.

Depending on your needs, you can use Linux or Windows. The only thing that you will have to consider is about selecting the control panels. You would be able to select between Parallels Plesk and cPanel. Both these options are quite popular and are widely used since they are easy to manage and are reliable. When using Linux, cPanel works the best while Plesk works better with Windows. It is easier to manage and run virtual private servers than shared servers which is one of the main benefits.

When compared to shared hosting, this new technology is easier to use and more reliable. You would have complete freedom and you would be able to manage your systems better. A hosting solution like this is quite effective even for hosting since you would be able to split the servers into a number of different servers where each one can be used for different functions and uses at once. VPS is quite different than shared servers and offers a number of benefits that are not available with shared servers.


Source by Ricardo Lumbardo