For this you will require space on the internet. This space is created through the internet and server will work as the gateway. For doing this there are basically two ways of web hosting. The first one is you must set up your own server and the second one is of hiring a space on the already existing server or shared hosting.

It is really important to choose the one which is right for you because it is the experience that you give to the website visitors. If the experience is an unpleasant one then you won't get further visits on your website. It's time now to discuss about the differences between VPS and dedicated servers.

Dedicated servers have good storage ability and capacity. They are quite expensive in nature and cost. It is perfect if the business that you have is quite big and can afford such heavy expenditure. VPS has features of that of dedicated servers but they come at an affordable price. One can expect root level access to the server. This is surely an amazing feature.

Due to this feature you get facility of deleting any software or creating an account and so on. If your business involves running different hardware and software then the best option or you will be dedicated servers. And if you are using VPS and some sites which generate lot of spam are hosted on it then the speed of the server will become considerably low. But again, if there are only one or a few small sites to be run simultaneously then you must go for VPS. But if the sites that you are running are quite heavy then you must necessarily look out for dedicated servers.

However, the credit of offering affordability to the web hosting field goes to virtual private server or VPS. Even small players can now afford this viable option. Not everyone around is a big player. There are some people who do not have required resources to opt for dedicated servers. There are some people who actually do not want to opt for shared servers and for them this is an amazing idea of hiring VPS services. Some people also avoid using dedicated servers for security reasons

Source by Sharma Sharan