These days, having your presence felt online is essential, especially if you are a small business. As more and more people are after convenience, having a website for your business, or even a personal site, is a very good idea. To help you get yourself launched into the vastness of the internet, there is a hosting company that is a cut above the rest. That hosting company is called BlueHost.

How is Different?

Choosing the best hosting company for your site can be tricky. There are so many hosting companies out there that make tall promises that they can't keep. Most people get dazzled by the offers and sign-up only to find that their sites spend more time down than up. With Blue Host, you will find that you will have the benefit of being able to access great customer support services whenever you need assistance. BlueHost has a toll-free number that you can call (which a human will answer, thank God), and a live chat box, too.

Blue Host also offers packages at reasonable prices and you can choose the one package that you believe will be the best for you. If you are unsure about what to choose, you can even contact them and ask your questions. is more than willing to explain things to you so that you will be left with no doubts. This is quite a pleasant change from all the other hosting companies that can get downright rude. Features You Can Enjoy

The first thing you might notice as you visit the Blue Host website is a price of US$6.95/month. Although this may be a red flag for some as lower rates can sometimes mean low-rate service, offers service that can surprise even the most skeptical person.

All of the accounts that offers can enjoy unlimited disk storage, bandwidth and email accounts that are forwarded. There are also parked domains, sub-domains that are unlimited and auto-responses (unlimited, too) to whatever product you may be offering at your site.

By opting to use BlueHost as your webhost, the chances are great that your site will hardly ever experience any downtime. has been in the hosting business long enough to understand that when the websites of their customers are down, they will lose their customers. The service offers over 500 servers with the UPS back-up and a redundant diesel generator back-up to ensure that sites remain up whenever there are issues. guarantees that your uptime will be as close as 99.99% as can be.

BlueHost provides their customers with one of the easiest control panels available – the cPanel. They give their potential customers the chance to use the cPanel for a test drive so that they can find out what the features are. uses a graphical interface is very user-friendly even for someone who is a newbie.

Customer Support Services

Because Blue Host has been in the web hosting arena for many years, they are very knowledgeable about treating their customer right. The company offers their customers a wide array of support services. These services include a customer support hotline that is available 24/7 that will be handles by an actual person who is fully trained by to handle queries, an email address where customers may send their queries, and an option for alive chat whenever they require assistance. Their Help Center is also a treasure throve of user-friendly video tutorials, they have numerous articles aimed at being informative and they also have customer forums where customers can communicate with each other and share experiences.

Another very important feature that sets BlueHost apart from other hosts is that they give, and honor, a money-back guarantee. Whenever a customer is unhappy with their services, including if it is already after the trial-period, will honor their promise and give their customer a refund that is pro-rated.

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Source by Adam Schlosser